Only 2 Weeks of Summer Break Left

Starting school on August 1 is ridiculous. The kids only have two weeks of summer break left, and then they are back in class.

I wish they did not start school until after Labor Day like the civilized northern states. I am suspicious that they start school so early here because of the poverty level and kids don’t have air conditioning at home. So if they are in school during the hottest month of the year, then at least they get air conditioning during the day.

Where I grew up in the Metro DC area, none of the schools would start the new school year before Labor Day. Not only did Labor Day mean it was the end of summer vacation, it also meant it was the end of summer as far as swimming pools close and the weather gets a little cooler. It’s different here in the south, but not necessarily better.

Very Funny

I wish there was a sarcasm font. How do you make that point when you have to write in regular letters? “Very funny” could mean so my different things, it depends on your tone of voice and the expression on your face when you say those words. So reading them without the audible and visual clues is hard to figure that out.

It’s April Fools Day. If you play a prank on me, I might say, “Very funny.” But if I am not smiling when I say that, you had better watch out!

School Bus Issues

I wish the school bus drivers would rotate on different routes. If your kid gets assigned to a bus with an unhappy or incompetent bus driver, they are stuck with this driver for the entire year. I cannot stand this driver who comes to fetch my grandson. She may be good at the mechanics of driving a bus, but she is horrible at controlling the children while the bus is in motion. I hear all kinds of disturbing stories about kids getting slapped, punched and kicked while riding her bus.

Spring Break Cuts

Because there was so much snow this winter, the children missed way too many days from school. Frankly, there were at least 3 days when I think they could have gone to school. But those wimps at the school board declare a snow day if there is even one speck of snow on the ground.

So now the kids have to make up those lost days. They blockheads at the school board decided to cut 4 days off of the spring break schedule and make the kids go to school instead of spending quality time with their families.

Short Month Be Gone!

The only reason I like the month of February is because it is the shortest month of the year. I like a nice, even 28 days, which is an even 4 weeks. I wish the other months were all like this, 4 weeks long and then over. The months with 31 days just seem to drag on way too long.

Broken Glasses

The last few pictures that she’s posted on Facebook show my grandson playing outside, riding his bike, and smiling on the couch. But I can’t help noticing that he is not wearing his glasses in any of them. So I called her up and said where are his glasses? and she just brightly announced, “Oh, he broke them!”

Now, the first photo of him with his glasses was taken right before Christmas. So that means he has gone without his glasses for 2 months.There is no excuse for this – the eye doctor visit and his glasses are free because he is covered under Tenncare for children. So she has deliberately withheld medical care for 2 months. How is that child even functioning in school for 2 months if he cannot see?

How Did We Do It?

It’s been 25 years since I had to get a 6 year old dressed and ready for catching a school bus. I don’t know how we did it!

I figured that if the bus comes at 7:15, we need to walk out the door at 7:07 to give us plenty of time to get down the street to the corner bus stop. So I set the alarm for 6:00 am. Ugh.

This boy took FOREVER to wake up and start moving around. He’s worse than ME before my coffee!!!!!!

Getting Ready for the New School Year

School starts on August 14, so I want to get the list of school supplies and start picking up those things over the next two weeks.

All the WalMarts have a cardboard display with photocopies of each school’s name and grade specific school supplies that need to be bought and delivered to the school on the student’s first day.

I checked two different WalMarts for our school’s list and they don’t have any. So I asked at customer service and they told me that the school has not given them the lists yet. I don’t know if that’s true, but I would hope the customer service clerk isn’t lying.

Dog Escapes

We have dogs and treat them like part of the family. They stay indoors unless put on a leash and walked in our own yard. Once in a great while we take a couple of them to a park for a change of scenery. But the dogs are not allowed outside without their harness and leash.

The grandson has a hard time realizing that if the door is not closed completely that the dogs can escape. That is a lot of drama, as the dogs run hysterically down the street and risk getting run over by heavy traffic or in a fight with other neighborhood dogs.

We are working on that.

No Fireworks

The Fourth of July is always a big event for the city. There are hundreds of thousands of people downtown for the all day festival and parade, then about 9:00 pm the symphony starts playing patriotic songs and the Chamber of Commerce hosts a nice 20 minute fireworks display.

But this year the weather was threatening. There have been tornado watches issued since about 5:00 pm, so we aren’t going to risk going downtown and having a problem with lightning or tornadoes. At least we bought a few fireworks at the local stand and can shoot a few in our yard to celebrate before the storm.