The Mum To Be

My daughter is a beautiful, generous and loving young woman.   She came into the world screaming and didn’t really stop for 12 months. I never expected to have a baby girl and was not prepared with a name.  One look at my husband’s tear-stained face and Michael became Michaela.  From that moment their incredible Father and Daughter bond was formed.  She added another dimension to our family that we didn’t even know we needed.  Most of her preschool years were spent dressing up, eating biscuits and loving just about everything.

With none of my insecurities and all of her Father’s warmth, she now glides through life doing everything that she sets out to do.  She has the job she always wanted and a man that worships the ground she walks on.

However, if I had to compare her to a TV character, it would have to be Alice Tinker from the timeless Vicar of Dibley. So many of our conversations mimicked the end scenes from the show when Geraldine would have to try and explain the joke to the naïve verger.

Michaela somehow manages to exist on a parallel universe that is almost completely detached from the real world.  Her logic is questionable and what she lacks in common sense, she makes up for in the amount of laughs we have had her expense. (She once cleaned the kettle by filling it with bleach).

You can rely on her to be late wherever she goes, and forget the one thing she was supposed to bring. She will run out of petrol, lose her phone (once by putting it on the roof of her car and driving off) and just yesterday she went home with my set of house keys.

She is also someone that loves unconditionally and does not have a bad word to say about a living soul.

But a BABY???

There is just no way she is ready for that. We were all in agreement – I made sure of it. On our first meeting, I laid down the law to her somewhat terrified boyfriend that she was too young, and her career should be her priority.  He responded by nodding dumbly while my poor husband shook his head in despair.  I didn’t care.  It had to be said.





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